Sunday, August 28, 2016

Experiencing Mobilio Car Sales Increase

Before issuing the product, always preceded by a thorough investigation. As Mobilio. Even garage surveyed in Indonesia. According to the survey, the average length of the garage no more than 4.5 meters. Therefore, Mobilio only 4.4 meters long. With this research, Harga Honda Mobilio

Achieving Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) this year is pretty fantastic. The first half of 2014, HPM recorded sales of 82 674 units or increased 168% over the same period last year, ie 49 342 units. That means Honda third market share was ranked on four wheels in Indonesia. The market share of 12.9% Honda, Daihatsu 14.84%, 34.87% and Toyota (data of Indonesian Association of Motor Vehicle Industry).

Until the first half of this year, sales of Honda cars are mediated Semarang Honda Center (HSC) is able to reach 7,800 units since the end of 2015 all units to 16,500. The sale of Honda Mobilio able to dominate the market with sales already reached 90 percent of the target of 6,000 units by the end of 2015.
Harga Mobilio
Sales of Honda Mobilio be a major contributor, this is because the car minivan with seating for seven passengers that this is indeed a lot of people sought before Lebaran. Before Idul Fitri holiday season, the market tends to return refreshed due to the growing demand of consumers.
Typically, HPM just sits in the top five or six. HPM achievement is not separated from the Jonfis Fandy, Director of Marketing and Sales Service HPM function. Various corporate strategy, one of which led to the success of marketing.

The closest example is the Honda Mobilio. Class vehicles VLMp (low MPV), which was launched in September 2013 is directly recorded great sales. Mobilio contributed greatly to the total sales of HPM. In the first half of 2014, sales amounted to 46 446 units. That is, the market share of the direct push Mobilio figures to 23% for VLMp class.

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