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Some New Hope In New Toyota Rush

With more than 10 million vehicles have been sold, Toyota is already secured their position, and that’s the figure that also has caused them deserve to be in the number one position in the world market. With the new Rush broke into the Indonesian market on 26 February, the fierce competition in the compact SUV segment is certainly irresistible again. Harga Toyota Rush to use the various features and design similar to that operated by Daihatsu Terios, which is also known as a major competitor in this vehicle segment.

However, after you view the image recognition Rush in 2016, anyone can confidently assume that the car is able to meet most of the expectations of fans.

Toyota Rush

When discussing about the SUV, this latest version is already experiencing a renewal in accordance with the changing trends of society and managed to appear more attractive than the old model. Let us now examine more in this latest Rush SUV offerings.

1. New Display
The first thing that will catch your attention regarding this latest Rush is the new front end appearance, which does not resemble any of the vehicles made by Toyota. The use of black grille and air intake bars visible mempersona with a blend of white and body color front bumper mounted chic compact between the grille and air intake. The lights of the main also looked trendy and attractive, in tune with a hood solid. Fog lamps are also embedded with beautiful along the lower intake, and blends together the black color that blends in harmony in white body color.

2. Two variants of Seven Chairs
Toyota Astra Motors SUV Rush will present in two variants, the Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo TRD Sportivo and Ultimo, with a capacity of 7 passengers. Despite rising sales figures BR-V can cause a little problem for Toyota, but they are also aware of the potential that carried the seven-seat crossover segment in the Asia Pacific market. The launch of both variants are a major step forward that brought the administration of the company because it is considered to be able to shoot portions bigger buyers for the segment.

3. Design a More Dynamic Languages
Toyota Motors has indeed been sought earnestly to change its appearance, and this is what makes the new Rush no longer seem as old cars. Some additions were also made include roof rails, rear end the use of renewable, sporting accessories and the new body, which was already successfully reinforce the overall impression of sporty dynamic line along the groove. Additional new alloy wheels and stickers that implies dynamism are also offered for Ultimo variants, making the car appear more dazzling on the streets.

4. New Machine
Substation mover for the latest version of the Toyota Rush has not been announced by the manufacturer. However, because they wanted to show their competitiveness in the segment, it seems Toyota will embed a new engine for this brand-new car. Although the engine has not improved, there will probably be additional new technology that can improve engine performance and overall capability

And some additional changes its style has not been disclosed by the manufacturer, but certainly nothing that would put Toyota Rush as a strong player in the Indonesian market. The fight is getting tougher, because Rush and Honda BR-V, both look stunning for each fleet, but the inclusion of Toyota motors in the compact SUV segment’s 7-seat admittedly have been able to raise the enthusiasm of people.

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